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School Canteen

School Canteen

The  Flinders Public School canteen is managed by the school P&C and is open five days a week. The canteen is a valuable resource for P&C fundraising, however our main objective is to provide affordable and nutritious food to students.  The canteen complies with healthy canteen guidelines, for further information about P&C and the Healthy Canteen Association click on the links below.




All food sold in the canteen is allocated a colour coded rating (green, amber or red).  These codes are based upon the levels of salt, saturated fats and sugars the foods contain. The canteen menu promotes green and amber foods we will have red foods on occasion. If you have a healthy recipe suggestion please forward it to the P&C or bring it along to one of the monthly meetings, we would love any assistance and suggestions from our families.

Red foods - too high in sugars, fats and/or salt to be allowed on sale at the canteen every day,

Amber foods - foods that students should eat in moderation,

Green foods - the healthiest foods, low in sugars, fats and salt. These food items should form the bulk of the canteen menu.

The canteen does not use Peanut Butter or Nutella, however parents and students should be aware that there may be traces of nuts in other food products we sell.


Staff and opening hours

Our canteen is open five days a week and is staffed by two employed supervisors and wonderful volunteers. If you would like to assist the canteen for an hour or more please contact our supervisors Natasha or Nardine at the canteen.



The canteen menu and price list is sent home to parents at the commencement of the school year and updated seasonally. Click on the Canteen Menu button to view current menu.




Lunch orders

Lunch can be pre-ordered daily before 9am. The canteen is also open during recess and lunch for snacks, drinks and ice-blocks. On occasion the canteen will sell lunch meal deals, students and parents will be notified of these events in the school newsletter. We can not guarantee late lunch orders will always receive what has been requested however an alternative will always be offered to the child.


How to order your lunch

Write full class and name

List your order and the price of each item

Total your order and place money in the bag (correct change would be appreciated)

Place in the box located in the canteen window before school

If change is required it will be placed in the bottom of the bag and taped down

If you do not have a lunch bag, place your order on an envelope with the money sealed inside, please include an extra 10c for the lunch bag.

Frozen items will not be in the lunch bag, children will collect these from the canteen.  Click on the attachment to download instructions on how to order your child's lunch.  Canteen Ordering Procedures (pdf, 206 KB)



Your feedback is important to us.  If you would like to leave us any feedback, please download the attached file and email to the school.  Thank you. Feeback form (pdf, 160 KB)