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Visual Arts Workshop

Visual Arts Workshop for Indigenous Students

Last Friday, four students from Flinders Public School attended a Visual Arts Workshop held by Wollongong Art Gallery, alongside ten students from Berkeley West PS, Keiraville PS, Lindsay Park PS and Husskison PS. The Enrichment Program focused on the exhibition ‘The Gathering'.

Art Gallery i




Students were given a guided tour of the Sredersas Gallery, looking at many different Aboriginal artworks. The artworks were created using a variety of media such as ochre, bark, paint and silk. Students were asked to identify similarities and differences between the artworks, as well as interpret the artists intentions and meaning.


art gallery ii




Students participated in a Yarn Circle with Margaret and Julie, whom spoke about significant places and connection to Country. Students then created a drawing of a place that was significant to them and incorporated patterns from the artworks in the exhibition.

art gallery iii



After lunch, Aunty Lorraine Brown and Narelle Thomas led an Art Making Workshop where students created a combined canvas artwork of the ocean. Students used chalk to trace and draw sea creatures, both on land and sea. Together they painted the canvas which will be displayed in Wollongong Art Gallery.


art gallery iv


To conclude the workshop, students were each presented with a certificate of completion.

art gallery vii