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School Uniform

Flinders Public School Uniform Statement


Children are required to wear their uniforms every day.  It promotes preparation for learning, pride in the school, feelings of belonging to a group and looks great. Children will be required to be neat and tidy at all times.

The wearing of casual and fashion trend clothes is unacceptable and detracts from the tone, climate and spirit of the school. School polo shirts should be worn with pants, shorts, skirts or skorts. Tights, leggings or gym wear are not an alternative to pants, and are not suitable school wear at any time. Children whose dress at school is untidy, inappropriate or likely to cause injury (eg. sunburn, damage to feet) will be spoken to and restricted in the playground.

Students are required to wear enclosed, secure school shoes at all times.

For safety reasons children are asked to wear only plain studs or sleepers in pierced ears, not long earrings. Parents are also asked to help ensure that their children do not wear large, chunky necklaces and bracelets, in keeping with our uniform policy.

Girls are only to wear small plain hairbands or scrunchies (preferable in the school colours) – not elaborate, multicoloured hair ornaments or false hair pieces.

All children representing the school at cultural or sporting events must wear appropriate school or sports uniform including a school hat.

Students are encouraged to wear representative clothing (ie. Regional or State

 pullovers/jumpers) on Fridays ONLY.

This school has a policy that requires students to wear a hat at all times in the open playground:    



Bailey – yellow, Gorman – red, Lee – green, Whitfield – pale blue


Students must wear a hat to play in the playground. Students without
hats must play in a shaded area.

Students are permitted to wear one stud in each ear to school if desired. Only "small" sleepers are permitted. Large ear-rings, should not be worn by students. Only clear nail polish can be worn.

Students should not wear bangles to school because of the proven risk of personal injury. Other dangling jewellery, rings, bracelets, necklaces etc should not be worn also because of similar risks. Expensive items are at risk of loss, damage or theft, and should not be worn.

Watches may be worn, but again, cost of such an item should be considered by parents before allowing children to wear it to school.

Mobile phones are not part of our school uniform.

Staff members will not accept any responsibility for looking after items as they should not be at school.

Makeup is only to be worn for performance purposes.

Sun-glasses can be worn outside for sun protection.


On some special occasions children may opt to not wear the school uniform. This could include fundraising days, school performances, class items or parties, school camps or sporting carnivals.

The school will notify parents/carers when these occasions occur.

Exemptions may also be granted for short-term enrolments, students who have health conditions that require uniform modification, or students where any aspect of the uniform requirements prevents students from complying with a requirement relating to their ethno- religious background.